Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Back from Salzburg

Well, Salzburg is just beautiful. The men aren't bad either - I shared a tequila-fuelled snog with one in a club called Bricks. Just what was required after a bit of a drought in that department. Fun fact: Austrians have cinnamon-covered orange slices instead of lemon with their slammers.

Now feeling totally saturated in festive cheer, thanks to the glut of Christmas markets and even some actual snow, but just to pile it on, I went to Sketch yesterday for an obscenely decadent afternoon tea, followed by sausages and mash and Love Actually. I would throughly recommend a visit to Sketch, if only for the futuristic lavatories. Oh, and the terrific petit fours.

Have had a few texts from Lovely G since I returned, but am still clueless as to whether or not he is keen. Hoping to meet for drinks before long. Will update with any developments.



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