Saturday, 19 December 2009


is what I have made so far, presents-wise, this festive season:

7 bags of mini gingerbread stars
7 bags of milk chocolate coated fudge
7 bags of chocolate covered hokey pokey
3 kilner jars of cranberry and chilli relish (oatcakes to be made nearer Christmas)

and now I am off to make a batch of crumbly chocolate fudge. A cooking addict's work is never done. I thought I was doing quite a good job of making stuff, until I watched Kirstie's Homemade Christmas yesterday. It was a joy to behold - Kirstie Allsopp is divine and she shares my penchant for ribbons and reindeer prints, but I'm now feeling pretty inadequate for not bothering to make soap and teddy bears from scratch. Maybe next year...




  1. I LOVE that show!! Maybe one year I will try and make more stuff, but I always end up sitting round with one hand in a tin of Quality Street. Not enough time/energy for creativity!!

  2. I know - who has that kind of time on their hands?! I wish it was my job to make fun things!