Thursday, 11 March 2010

goodbye Job Seekers Allowance...

...goodbye overriding sense of worthlessness, goodbye daytime TV schedule (i.e. This Morning, Loose Women, Neighbours, Jeremy Kyle, Gilmore Girls, Neighbours again), goodbye drowning in job applications...

...and HELLO employment! Hello self respect! Hello paypacket! I've been trying to get a job for so long that I still haven't got my head around the fact that I have now succeeded. I almost feel like I've cheated, because I got the job through a temping agency, rather than through the hundreds of applications I've painstakingly filled out over the last five months. But still, I am thrilled!

It's an admin job with a charity, although unfortunately not in London. It's just outside a large town not far from where I live, so I will be commuting from home to start with, but if it's too dire (it involves lots of walking, a train AND a bus) I'm going to try and find a room to rent in the town.

Also, it's a maternity cover post, so will go on until September, which is quite good really because it gives me a deadline to get the next job by. Brilliant! Hello life!




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  2. Hurray! Congrats! Weirdly, I found out that I got a job too! Seriously, we're living parallel lives...

    Hope it all goes well for you. I'm going to have to Sky Plus Gilmore Girls, I've become addicted to it!

  3. Thank you! Well done YOU! x

  4. Congratulations - let us know how it goes! x

  5. Thanks Kitty :) Update coming soon - still a bit overwhelmed by all the learning and the commute - it all leaves me a bit drained! I'm sure I'll get into the groove soon x

  6. Well for some reason, I only just saw this - congratulations!! Hope its going well :)